Ingawanis Woodland Shredfest: Rain Delay

The Ingawanis Woodland Shredfest has been postponed until tomorrow, Sunday, June 12. Check back for “go/no go” status and any changes to start times around noon today.

Here is the official word from race director, Dave Roll, 5:45 a.m. Saturday:

The race is postponed hopefully till tomorrow. 2.9 inches of rain fell. We will have to re-route today and open up another section we had not groomed yet.i will post again about 12 with an update if we are a go for tomorrow.

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Race Director Spotlight: Dave Roll


Name: Dave Roll

Current Home:  Waterloo, IA

Age: 37

Employer: John Deere & Company

Racing Category for 2016: Cat 2

Race Bike(s): Salsa Spearfish RS-1

Bike Team: Rasmussen Bike Shop

Trail Organization Associated with Race: Currently being structured


BB: When is your upcoming race, Ingawanis Woodland Shredfest?

Dave: Saturday, June 11th


BB: What can we expect for the type of trail features a racer will encounter on the race course?

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Heads Up Heat Advisory: Start Time Changes for Saturday!!!

Heads Up Heat Advisory: IMBCS is concerned about the heat index on Saturday for the Ingawanis Woodland Shredfest and the reality that none of us are acclimated to August like heat as of yet. We will be acclimated to it by August, of course, but with only one day to adjust to the heat and high humidity we won’t be ready on Saturday. Hence, the start time adjustment to keep it safe for everyone.

Updated start times will be utilized as we try and make sure we don’t have racers out on course between 1–3 pm. We will adjust the Cat 2 (move them up to 9:08 am with Cat 3 right after them at 9:15 am), Comp (move them up to 11:05 am), and Cat 1 (move them up to 11:00 am) start times. Trail Run and Marathon remain the same as advertised.

This still keeps our staggered starts, but will result in all the racing being done before the temperatures rise up into the 90s. We wanted people to start thinking about it ASAP for travel plans.

Please Welcome our Newest Series Sponsor

OBB_NoLocationLast week Bruce Brown and I met with Luke Johnson, the Iowa and Nebraska regional representative for Oskar Blues Brewery. Oskar Blues is the 14th largest craft brewery in the US and the original “craft brew in a can” brewer. The founder of Oskar Blues, Dale Katechis, is an avid mountain biker himself also is the creator of Reeb bicycles.dales_logo

The Liberty Bell Cup at Whiterock Conservancy will mark the beginning of this partnership, with Luke on hand to spread the word… and the beer! Please join me in welcoming Oskar Blues to the series, go pick up a 6-pack to celebrate and get ready to have a cold one after the races this year.


IMBCS #4 Ingawanis Woodland Shredfest is on for this Saturday!

Wow, what a successful weekend we had this past weekend at the Summerset Shootout hosted by Race Director Jason Dal and the Rasmussen Bike Team! Great job to all of the Rasmussen crew, and volunteers. Rasmussen donated $120 ($15 per age 18 and under racer) for our 2016 IMBCS Youth Entry Fee Help Fund. That meant I only had to write a check for $40 from the fund instead of $160 as we had 8 youth racers in attendance. Thank you Rasmussen Bike Team and Shop for that donation!!!!

Due to 5/8th’s of an inch of rain on Friday night, the event had to utilize the rain date on June 5th where we were met with perfect racing conditions. Some that could not make it on Saturday were able to make it on Sunday, however we lost a few racers who were unable to attend on Sunday with the date change. All in all, we had 79 racers toe the line at Summerset State Park. Highlights were a well fought battle between Neal Groteluschen and Rick Blackford in the 2 lap Fat Bike Race, as well as the racing for the top three spots in Cat 1 women where Liz Van Houweling, Psycowpath Series Operations & Treasurer Roxy Feagan, and Karmen Woelber took home the cash. Wrapping up the highlights has to include the top racing between pro racer Brad Auen from Council Bluffs who duked it out with Michael Maney and Ryan Van Houweling for the top three podium spots in Cat 1 men. I think I am safe to say that those three qualified as the tallest podium for Cat 1 in our 14-year history with everyone in the 6’3″–6’6″ range.

It has been really exciting to see the level of competition in Cat 1 this year in just our first two XC races (Illiniwek and Summerset) as well as the Sugar Cubed Marathon as we drew some top racers from Iowa and neighboring states. I realize the racing schedule starts to get crowded between all of the state series in our region going forward, but take note that we have some excellent fields showing up. Our highest cash purse to date will be this weekend at the June 11th race with $1500 in cash to hand out from our sponsors. Come and get it!

Speaking of our next race…

Next up for the IMBCS is the Ingawanis Woodland Shredfest at the Bremer County Ingawanis Woodland just outside of Waverly, Iowa this Saturday, June 11th. It’s part of a trio of races we are having in June with Summerset Shootout this past weekend, Ingawanis this weekend, and the rescheduled Beverly Park Fat Tire Frenzy on June 19th. It’s our race hard, and recover harder three week stretch.

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Summerset Shootout: Let’s Race

Here is the official word from race director, Jason Dal, Sunday morning:

I’m pretty sure a couple of my friends conjured up Friday night’s little thunderstorm so they could race today [Sunday]… well, it’s on! Primo conditions! Get here!

All races will run at their previously scheduled times, as listed on the IMBCS race page and USA Cycling.

Summerset Shootout Race Page


Summerset Shootout: Postponed One Day

The Summerset Shootout is being moved from Saturday (today) to Sunday (tomorrow) due to rain received overnight. All races will run at their previously scheduled times.

Here is the official word from race director, Jason Dal, Saturday morning:

Sorry folks, we got 5/8″ of rain at Banner last night. We checked the course and it is best to move the race until tomorrow, Sunday, June 5th. Same start times. Weather forecast will dry it out nicely, expect hero dirt and be ready to shred!!



Race Director Spotlight: Jason Dal

Our first Race Director Spotlight Interview for 2016 is with Mr. Jason Dal. Jason is our Race Director for Saturday’s Summerset Shootout at Summerset State Park between Indianola and Des Moines. He took over the reigns of this event and has been working hard lining up sponsors, and getting the event planned. As part of that process, he attended the Race Director’s Summit held by IBRA at the Iowa Bike Expo in January, and attended the USA Cycling Official’s Training in April.

It is interesting to note that two racers interviewed in our Spotlight Series last season and this season indicated Summerset Trails are their favorite race course. Many of us that live in Central Iowa have great respect for these trails, so the race this weekend is a perfect opportunity for those not from Central Iowa to drive on over and see what it is everyone likes about these trails. The Cat 3 course will not face all of the more challenging portions of the course, but everyone else will. Not to worry, there will be plenty for every category to enjoy on this very unique trail system. The course is groomed and ready. The DNR trimmed the park today so everything is picnic, race, and punch ready…!

Jason organized a final trail grooming day on Thursday, June 2nd to whip the course into race shape for Saturday. While in the process of loading up one of the mowers in the CITA trailer, he unfortunately “took one for the team” when he accidentally touched part of the hot engine while strapping the mower down to the floor of the trailer. If you see him on Saturday, he’ll be the one with the bandages on his fingers.

Let’s meet Jason and hear what he has to say about getting this race ready for IMBCS and Iowa racers…

FullSizeRender (8)

Name: Jason Dal

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