IMBCS #3 Summerset Shootout is on for this Saturday!!!

Next up for IMBCS is the IMBCS #3 Summerset Shootout, and the much beloved Summerset State Park (formally known as Banner Pits). The trail is trimmed, groomed, and ready for our first Central Iowa race in the 2016 IMBCS!!!

Race Director Jason Dal and the Rasmussen Bike Shop team have built this event over the past seasons into something that must not be missed. A great and challenging trail for all levels of riders, a Trail Run for runners to start the day off on Saturday morning at 9 am, a Free Entry Kids Race for those 10 and under at 10 am, a Fat Bike race at 10:30 am, and then begins our usual Cat 3, Cat 2, COMP, and Cat 1 XC racing categories. Full schedule for Saturday is HERE.  Not to worry yourself about post-race frivolity as a social post-race party in the parking lot next to Extra Credit will take place. This year promises to deliver a nice June race with sunshine and 80 degrees on race day for all to enjoy.


This year includes a new route at the end of Coal Miner’s Daughter and plenty of challenge for all with the sequence of short power climbs on what one would think is a flat course. Not to worry, you will have the foot on the gas on the short power climbs throughout Coal Miner’s Daughter, New Ed Beach, Corner Pocket, and Extra Credit as well as be screaming fast through Riverside, Missing Link, and the connector sections.

Online registration for the event is right HERE.

Come and get some Banner Pits this Saturday, June 4. Ma Nature looks to be playing nice again with Iowans…

Summerset Course Map

Season Marathon Opener: Sugar Cubed Race Recap

ICORR and Goosetown Racing, led by Race Director Mike Frasier, put together a wonderful opening marathon for mountain bike racers here in Iowa as part of the 2016 IMBCS Series at Sugar Bottom Recreation Area between North Liberty and Solon, Iowa.

What a great job they did for us to create a fantastic racing event! All of our thanks go to Mike, the volunteers, the sponsors, ICORR, and Goosetown for giving us Sugar Cubed!


This event had been in the planning for several years with me badgering Mike to add the marathon as a category option and include it on the same day and at the same time as the well known Sugar Bottom Scramble. However, Mike kept saying that it would be difficult to come up with a workable solution on the same day or weekend. The format of using the entire trail system at Sugar Bottom, and holding the marathon event as a separate race earlier in the year before it became too hot was the final decision. This also provided the opportunity for IMBCS regulars who usually race in the shorter distance XC events a chance to try out a marathon.

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IMBCS Youth Fund Promotional Video…

We are a community of passionate people.

We are more than just a race.

We are a journey.

We are a community.

We are IMBCS.

Help others make it to the starting line. Please consider a contribution to our IMBCS Youth Entry Fee Help Fund found here so that we can meet our goal of helping Iowa’s youth make it to the starting line. We have raised $1960 to date on our way to a goal of funding Iowa’s 18 and under mountain bike racers in the 2016 IMBCS.

Thank you to Paul Whalen from the Simpson College Video Editing May Term Class under the instruction of Dr. Dave Camwell for making this inspirational video.

Please give.

IMBCS Special Endurance Event: Sugar Cubed Marathon

Next up for IMBCS is coming next weekend on Sunday, May 22nd! It’s our special separate endurance marathon race at Sugar Bottom entitled Sugar Cubed. The race is also a part of our 2016 Five Race Marathon Series. Due to the reschedule of Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy to June 19th, Sugar Cubed will serve as our Marathon season opener.

Sugar Cubed provides an opportunity for everyone to give the marathon format a try as the regular XC races at Sugar Bottom will be a separate event in August. This allows everyone to give both a try! On top of that, you will pretty much get to see the entire Sugar Bottom Trail System during Sugar Cubed and ride it in the reverse direction of what is considered normal. Hey, that means you get to ride down Cyclocross Hill!!!! A full lap will measure 12 miles, so make sure to read the race nutrition article from our sponsor Zoom Performance written by one of Zoom’s coaches, Liz Van Houweling.

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Race Nutrition

Race Nutrition – article by Liz Van Houweling

Mountain bike races can vary greatly in length depending on the category and type. Marathon races typically last 3-5 hours while cross country races are only 1-2 hours. No matter the duration, proper fueling is key for meeting race demands.

For all race distances, a good meal that is a mix of carbohydrates and protein with a little bit of fat about 3 hours prior to the start is usually sufficient. Another 100-300 calorie snack about an hour before the race could also be necessary. Entering races hydrated is also important and this process should be started the night prior to the race.

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Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy Postponed

Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy is postponed due to weather.

From Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy race director, Noel Kehrt: “Overnight precipitation and cool temps have left trail conditions in poor conditions. I’m not comfortable at this point with starting this race based on possible trail damage and rider safety. We will be pulling the plug on today and will begin discussing rain dates early this week. Sorry to drag everyone along on this.”

2 Hour Delay for Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy

All races delayed 2 hours tomorrow (5/1/2016) due to rain.

From Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy race director, Noel Kehrt: “The trails got an inch of rain. They are wet on top but still hard as a rock. We’re planning on a 2 hour delay for all races at this point. I’ll be out here early tomorrow should we get more precipitation. If we’re going to cancel, you’ll know by 7am. But right now, things look good. Thankful for upland trails with sandy soil.”

IMBCS #2: Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy!

Next up for the IMBCS is a return for the 2nd consecutive year to Cedar Rapids for the Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy this coming Sunday, May 1st. Race Director Noel Kehrt and LAMBA have whipped the trail system into Spring shape.


This will be our second XC race of the 2016 season, but will also be our first 4 Hour Marathon Category race of the season, and our first Trail Run Race of the season. These options provide a little something for everyone to enjoy. Last year we had a total of 105 racers take on Beverly Park, and it would be great to bust through that number this year – especially as we show our support for LAMBA and the excellent trail work they do in and around the Cedar Rapids area.

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Season Opener: Illiniwek Abermination Race Recap

Friends of Off Road Cycling led by new Race Director Mike Corbin put together a wonderful opening weekend for mountain bike racers – not only for the 2016 IMBCS Series, but also for the Illinois State Championship Series at Illiniwek Forest Preserve in Hampton, Illinois.  And what a job FORC did for us to create a great racing event!


Ma Nature played nice with us this year for the opening event by providing sunshine, temperatures that reached 81 degrees, and baked goodness dirt that was fast and smooth. 178 Cross Country Racers toed the line for the various categories, and 19 kids were in the 12 Noon Kids Race making for a day that saw 197 people racing a mountain bike.

A field of 28 CAT I Men lined up including WORS Elite star Nathan Guerra, IMBCS regulars Kevin McConnell, Nate Kullbom, Michael Maney, Ryan Van Houweling, as well as a few of our newly upgraded CAT I’s here in Iowa – Andy Peterson, Sean Alstott and Nickolas Eckermann. We had 7 CAT I women toe the line including Liz Van Houweling, Emily Robnett, Brittany McConnell, and a return of Karmen Woelber after a crash rendered her out for the season last year.

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New for 2016! World of Wheels Cash Payouts for COMP, CAT II, CAT III, and Marathon!

That’s right!

Thanks to IMBCS Advisory Board Members Andy Peterson, and Cheryl Dralle for working with our Title Sponsor World of Wheels to come up with a solution and the formula to carry out the vision of Jeff Miles from World of Wheels who wanted to contribute money for cash payouts to all the other racers at our events.


Who are all the other racers?

All the other racers that our sponsor wanted to support with his $500 per race sponsorhip are the COMP, CAT II, CAT III, and Marathon top three overall finishers for men and women in each of those categories. To note – COMP is a male only division, the rest will receive equal payouts for men and women. That means racers in each of those categories have the opportunity to receive the following if they finish in the top 3 overall in each of those categories…

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